Magazines and Programs

360° Travel Planner
A bi-annual, direct mail publication featuring travel suppliers’ branded marketing campaigns promoting various exotic land and cruise vacations.

Reach: 60,000
Pages: 16 – 20

Vacation Makers
A monthly, direct mail piece featuring supplier ads focusing on a specific get-away theme. The publication is designed and produced by MAST Travel Network but customized to appear as though it comes directly from the member agencies.

Reach: 40,000
Pages: 12 – 16

All-Star Trip Booklet
Every year, MAST Agencies with the highest sales volume are awarded an all-expense-paid vacation. Trip sponsors are provided ad space in MAST’s All-Star Trip booklet.

Private Event Participants
Pages: 16

Conference Program
MAST Travel Network hosts an annual Conference. Members are able to attend breakout sessions, seminars, participate in supplier sponsored activities, and network at evening events. All information is categorized and explained in detail in the conference program.

Quantity: 750
Pages: 48